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特別展示 「秘伝千羽鶴折形」の再現












Web “Origami Art Museum”


Japan Origami Academic Society


 As an art where the specific shape is obtained by folding paper, origami has become popular throughout races, genders, and ages in many countries.  While many traditional models that express their subjects’ distinguishing shapes in simple form have been passed down, a lot of representational works that reproduce the subjects’ suitable shapes as accurate as possible have been created since 1980s. Theoretical researches to design such realistic models have also been developed.  Moreover, potential of origami is getting recognized in various fields; folding materials other than paper in Engineering, teaching Geometry by folding paper, recovering functions of impaired fingers, and so on.  Aiming at maintaining and developing the origami culture by not only presenting origami models folded in play or art but also introducing different possibilities of origami, Origami Art Museum was founded by Japan Origami Academic society in 2014. 

Yoshio Tsuda


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