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  • リンク先が当ウェブサイトであることを明示して下さい。

  • 画像やファイルへの直接リンクはおやめ下さい。

  • 当ウェブサイトにリンクをしているウェブサイトに掲載されている商品、サービス、団体等の情報が、当ウェブサイトに関連するものであるかのような誤解を生じる恐れのある記載・表現はおやめ下さい。

  • 折紙アートミュージアム運営委員会が不適当と判断した場合は、リンクの削除を申し入れる場合があります。






















Site Policy


■Links to this webite■


Anyone is free to link to the home page of Origami Art Museum website (“this website”)( Please note the followings.


  • Please clearly indicate that the link is to this website.

  • Links to individual images and files are prohibited.

  • The website linked to this website does not express any relationship with us or mislead wrong information、 regarding the products、 services or company etc. of the website.

  • Origami Art Museum operating committee may demand to delink if it judges that the use of said links is inappropriate.



■Handling of personal data■


Origami Art Museum operating committee collects personal data of users to extent necessary to smooth operation and quality improvement of service (ex. provision of various information、 acceptance of opinions、 etc.) provided on this website. The collected

personal data is handled in an appropriate manner within the extent necessary.



■Ownership of intellectual property rights■


This website is operated and maintained by Origami Art Museum operating committee.

Copyright about the contents (including all text、 photographs、 illustrations etc.) on this website belongs to the creator of the contents、 the person providing the contents (including any other information) to this website or the right holder permitting to use the contents on this website、 unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Users have no right to copy、 make public、 transmit、 distribute、 assign、 rent、 license、 reprint or reuse the contents of this website beyond the scope permitted for private use under the law.





Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information on this website、 however、 Origami Art Museum operating committee assume no responsibility whatsoever for any actions by user of this website relying on the information on this website.

Furthermore、 Origami Art Museum operating committeeassume no responsibilitywhatsoever for any loss、 damages、 costs or expenses which may be incurred by accessing this websites.


Origami Art Museum operating committee does not administer the links to from this website and does not have responsibility for any loss、 damages、 costs、 expenses or complaint which may be incurred by those websites.


The contents of this website are subject to change or delete without notice.

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